Aug 262010

It all started when a half-joke of a challenge came to fruition.  For months, a longstanding discussion about a friend’s raw veganism led to the thought of doing a “raw food challenge.”  For a junk-food obsessed human being such as myself, the thought could be little more than a joke.  The mission: One week, all vegan, uncooked.  Without the gadgets and tools of most raw vegans, it would be an adventure to see how long I could manage to eat fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts exclusively.  It lasted two days.

The weeks leading up to the challenge and the weeks that followed each have their own stories.  What’s come to be in the end, however, is where I choose to start.  While those closest to me have heard my daily epiphanies regarding food, I’ve thought all along that my facebook network might not be as appreciative… and maybe my daily ramblings to those around me are coming across as pontifications as well.

These thoughts were brewing in my head while chopping my morning fruit, and I noticed dark flecks within the flesh.  I carefully began to excavate around the flecks to discover that they weren’t independent spots, but a careful network reaching back to the pit.  For the first time, I encountered a sprouting fruit.  My mango has roots!

The scientist in me was beyond excited as I scrambled to find a pot and soil to bury my little treasure.  Sprouting a mango seed takes time and some effort, and I just discovered one well on its way on its own.  In New York, the chances of growing a successful mango tree are pretty much null.  But if I could nurture this little guy into his own existence in my home, and for the first time in 26 years successfully keep a plant alive, maybe I have grown a bit myself.

My intent is to use this venue to share my thoughts on food.  This past year, I’ve discovered I can cook.  In the past five weeks (post-raw-vegan-challenge) I’ve discovered eating healthy truly isn’t that difficult.  If you care to join me, I welcome you into my little world.

So here we are, and here I begin.

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  1. Melissa, let me be the first to say “I’m really looking forward to following your food adventures!”. I’m no foodie, but I recognize good writing and yours drew me in as much as the mango. I’ll be looking for roots in mine tomorrow. Bon apetit!

  2. Melissa, I just read the entire blog from its seedling to roots and I am hooked. You are a wonderful writer and you have inspired me to think a little differently about vegeterianism (is that a word?) i am looking foward to the next installment..

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