Jun 292011

I made a decision yesterday.   I know this decision will have many impacts on my life, both long term and short term.  It’s a decision no less than two years in the making.  I have considered my options, thought through the aftermath.  I determined what I needed to do in order to prepare, and I am now fully organized and ready to execute.

I am leaving my job.

It’s time to move on, time to pursue other opportunities.  After five years I have learned much.  Much about the field in which I dedicated myself and pursued higher education to better understand… about myself and what makes me feel like waking up energized for a new day… about the nature of people and relationships… about priorities in life.

I have friends who love what they do, friends who hate what they do, and friends who are ambivalent about what they do for work.  Every person has their own sets of reasons for living their lives in the way they do and I respect that.

Despite the comfort of sticking with what you already know, sometimes you just have to let go and follow the new, uncomfortable path.  Everything is not known; it’s scary and exciting.  Brave, bold, or some may think stupid… changes are not necessarily easy, but the ensuing challenges can lead to great rewards.

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  1. The unknown freaks me out like you have no idea – I hate not being prepared or being surprised by things. My most recent goal for my personal life is to try to embrace that and NOT be so scared of it. Basically, I need to start thinking of the unknown as a positive – not a negative.

    1. Hey sassy, Im coming back to this to remind you that as you’re coming upon your graduation (yes!) embrace the next steps and the unknown. Brunch, resumes, and cover letters for you, m’lady! Love!

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