Jul 252011

The First Harvest: A lone cucumber

This summer, I planted a few herbs in my apartment’s shared backyard along with a baby cucumber.  The sage, basil, and chives are doing quite well despite the short hours of direct sunlight.  The cucumber…Continue Reading

Jul 202011

Street Fairs and Liquiteria

One brisk Saturday afternoon in April, I stumbled out of the apartment to check out the Second Avenue Street Fair.  Unlike many bitter New Yorkers, I still find street fairs entertaining and fun.  Sure they’re…Continue Reading

Jul 162011

What’s My Blueprint

While munching on a cucumber salad, sauteed string beans, tuscan white beans and baked zucchini, I contemplate my next steps.  I made a big decision just a few weeks ago, prompted by some self reflection.  …Continue Reading

Jul 112011

Skinny Summer Squash

Mmm, summer squash.  I love it.  Zucchini, yellow crookneck, pattypan… they’re all so tasty and filling, too.  One raw cup is only 25 calories.  Sauté a small shallot with two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil…Continue Reading

Jul 092011

Birthdays and Tea

Even on Saturdays, I wake up during the six-o’clock hour.  I think I’m officially a grown-up.  Gone are the days of sleeping past noon, missing half of the day’s light in favor of snuggling up…Continue Reading