Oct 292011

October Snow – Pea Dumplings

It’s truly snowing in New York City… in October… I remember when I was little, all dressed up for Halloween in a princess or angel costume, and my mom made me wear a light jacket…Continue Reading

Oct 162011

A New Chapter

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be working outside of the apartment five days a week.  I don’t think it will be a hard transition as I’ve kept pretty busy lately working on multiple projects. I’m ready for…Continue Reading

Oct 142011

Apple Season

My family and I went apple picking last weekend. Let’s just say that will be the last time I go apple picking for at least five years. Without little kids, it just isn’t worth walking…Continue Reading

Oct 102011

The Great Meat Debate

While working my former full-time job, food and diet were often a subject of discussion.  As it is true in any workplace, people brought various foods for lunch, talked about nights out at restaurants, and…Continue Reading