Oct 062011

It’s about time for a Mango Plant update! My little guy, the inspiration behind finally starting this blog, is thriving. Once upon a time, I found the pit of a smoothie-bound mango growing and I just had to plant it. You can see what it looked like in August 2010 and April 2011 here.

Over the summer he has grown many more leaves. Notice how the new leaves are brown? I’ve done some preliminary research and found a few theories on why some new plant leaves have high concentrations of anthocyanins, the chemicals responsible for coloring in ornamental plants and autumn leaves. (Anthocyanins are a fun little pH indicator to boot. Boil up some cabbage and add various kitchen liquids or powders to the juice and you’ll see what I’m talking about.) Their presence in new leaves and eventual disappearance is debated by botanists and I’ve found some abstracts supporting different arguments. On my next trip up to the main New York Public Library building, I’ll pull the articles and share my findings. Until then, you can wonder along with me if you like.

Another angle, from the side. Teeny new brown leaves on top, mature green leaves below.

For a size comparison, here are my two babies: Mango Plant and SweetPea. I’ve had SweetPea quite a bit longer than Mango Plant. I adopted her Thanksgiving weekend of 2005, soon after graduating from college. It was love at first sight. She was born in July and a timid little four-month old creature who didn’t make a peep when we met. We thought she might be mute.  We were awfully wrong.

Thanks to my mom for the pictures.  Yes, I will admit Mango Plant is still at my parents’ house (…as is my puppy, sniff sniff). My apartment isn’t south-facing and while it gets much more light than my first space and has a backyard, it’s often shaded and I’m not sure how my plant would do. I really don’t want to kill it. I have an uncanny knack for killing plants. I think my dad is taking pretty good care Mango Plant, and it looks like Pea enjoys it too. I’ll just let him keep on trucking back there, and I’ll keep my visitation rights.

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