Oct 162011

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be working outside of the apartment five days a week.  I don’t think it will be a hard transition as I’ve kept pretty busy lately working on multiple projects.

I’m ready for this step.  When I left my last job, I knew what things I wanted to accomplish in the next stage of my life. I’m proud to say I did those things.  I worked on some short-term assignments that built skills I needed to build.  I took the time to enjoy where I’m living and soaked up life in one of the best cities in the world. I made my way to the beach a number of times this summer, a place I treasure because of the way the waves set my soul at peace. I focused on creating a healthier environment for myself and those around me. I built a new home for me and my partner. I strengthened my relationships with the people who mean a great deal to me. Throughout all of this, I looked closely at what should come next, after all of these other things were accomplished. I found what I believe is the right answer.

I’ve felt happiest when I’m working on a few different things and keeping my mind active. By working on three separate-but-related longer-term ventures, I can keep some important ties and create some new ones. The most time-consuming of the three will take what I learned while working on my master’s and build upon it.  I’ll be working on every facet of fundraising for a great non-profit here in the city. What I’ve worked on this summer has definitely prepared me as well.

I’ve got my oatmeal and fresh-picked apple for the morning, and grapes, nuts, oat squares, and ants-on-a-log for lunch. I’ll scope out the kitchen situation tomorrow to see if there’s a fridge or microwave… I’d happily bring zucchini quinoa lasagna or eggplant parm later in the week.

I’m excited. Tomorrow starts the next chapter.

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  1. Melissa, I wish you all the best in your new job. Congratulations on being able to “take what [you] learned…and build upon it.”

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