Oct 202011

I just got back from a great day at work, a trip to the tailor, and a run… I’m feelin’ good!

What’s for dinner?  How about something that will keep me feeling light and spry?

Looks like spaghetti… but it’s not!

I’m not going to lie and say it tastes like spaghetti, because, well, it tastes like squash.  But with a nice dose of parmigianno reggiano and a sprinkling of herbs from our “garden” ?  …Can you even call three pots between two apartment buildings a garden?

Anyway, it’s heaven.

The first time I made it, I cooked a squash donated to the cause of My Dinner from my mom.  I had just been visiting my folks, and spotted the squash in their fridge. I had been wanting to try it, and even bought the wrong kind last year thinking it was a spaghetti squash. (Oh, the memories of trying to make the beautiful spaghetti strands out of a delicata…) My mother, always so kind, let me have it along with herbs from her garden.

We sliced the big ol’ squash in half, scooped out the middle bits, sprayed a misto of olive oil, put the halves on a pan upside down and roasted for 45 minutes on 400 degrees F. Pulled it out of the oven, used a fork to comb in one direction, generating dozens of four to six inch strands. Added a little butter, chopped up the herbs, and shaved parmigianno on top… Pretty good. On my second helping I skipped the butter… So much better.  I don’t usually hate butter, but in this case it masks any flavor of the squash and I just don’t think it’s necessary.  Mike tried it with tomato sauce, too.  I was ok with it and would definitely eat a helping of that one day, but still liked the simplest version best.  That’s the recipe I recreated tonight for my post-run rehydration and energizer.

As far as nutrion goes, my GOODNESS this is low calorie!! 350 grams of baked squash (just over three-quarters of a pound on the plate) is just 95 calories. Seriously.  Even with a hefty sprinkle of cheese on top – and then again halfway through – the whole meal was just 154 calories. That’s crazy.  I had a nice spinach-arugula salad to balance it out with some more vitamins and minerals, and a second half-sized serving of the squash… yes I ate a pound of squash… but still dinner was under 250 calories. Insane.

I’m not on any kind of crazy starvation diet.  I just balanced out my dinner with my heavier breakfast of huevos rancheros on a black bean quesadilla (recipe to come, 476 calories) and lunch of fresh cut pineapple with vanilla yogurt topped with Mom’s homemade granola and my beloved ants-on-a-log.  And a Short Starbucks hot chocolate. And two squares of Lindt chocolate with a touch of sea salt.

Hey, today still had a grand total of 1500 calories, perfectly in my target range.

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