Nov 082011

Well, it’s official. I’m in marathon-training mode. Coming from the girl who failed every presidential physical fitness test and mile run, this may sound like madness, but indeed it’s true. I’ve signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, along with my brother’s girlfriend and my childhood best friend. It’s something I’ve thought about for three years now, and I finally said “I’m gonna do it.” And I will. We don’t have a time goal, just completion- but I’m competitive enough to try to get to the point where I can run without walking intervals for a decent stretch. Two weeks into training, I’m on track to run 13 miles at the end of February. Keeping this up in icy-cold NYC should prove interesting… I’ll keep you posted.

Post-run, I needed a quick snack with tastiness and some sugar so it was smoothie time!

Super simple: a half cup of OJ, a cup of frozen strawberries (150 g) , and the two little pieces of pineapple that I had left = 117 calories of a thick smoothie near-sherbet consistency. Yum. Not exactly seasonal, but it was perfect for my mood. Besides, I’m making a pumpkin maple baked bean cornbread casserole tonight. Yep, that’s right. It will be based on an Oh She Glows recipe, and I’ll keep you posted on that, too.

I ended my run at the grocery store and zoomed through the aisles picking up things I’ll need for dinner, when I ran into a bit of a puzzle: Navy Beans and Small White Beans.

Huh!? I had read a while back that navy and small white beans are one and the same, and yet Goya makes both. And they have slightly different nutritional qualities. …And the navy beans were $1.29 while the small white beans were $0.99 for the same can size.  I’m baffled, so if anyone knows what the difference is here, please share.

Some other happy grocery finds: Goya makes quinoa! Maybe they have for a while, but my store wasn’t carrying it. It costs half as much as the brand I was buying for the same weight, so here’s hoping it’s just as good.

Regular old Craisins are out of stock, but I found every alternative in the store.

I guess I’m not the only one using craisins in a fall/thanksgiving dish. I used the raisin-craisin mix in a roasted-veg-quinoa recipe from Peas and Crayons. Compared to just plain Craisins, the mix gave the dish the sweetness with an added mix of flavors that balanced the squash, quinoa, and cauliflower nicely. I’ll be making this recipe again for Thanksgiving with either berry add-in I still have on hand.

Brad’s salsa on sale? Cheaper than all the regular brands? Sure, I’ll give it a try! Mike says the salsa has been disappearing from the fridge lately. Even though he opens a new one from the cupboard, he can never find it again in the fridge. I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Just don’t look in my recycle bin.

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