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I don’t think New Year’s resolutions are terrible.  I think the way a lot of people go about them sets themselves up for failure and that’s the problem.  Resolutions should be a result of reflection of what you really want out of this year, and out of your life as a whole.

One of my goals since the summer of 2010 was to become a healthier, fitter version of myself.  I’ve had ebbs and flows of commitment to this goal, so really January 1st is as good a time as any to remind myself that this is something I want.  It’s not something other people want for me, or something I feel pressured to do by others.  It’s something I really want. 2011 was full of changes for me, from recommitting myself to spending my time well and taking big steps in changing my life to lead one that leaves me feeling more fulfilled and happy in the days to come. It wasn’t born out of a date on the calendar, but a feeling inside that time was slipping away from me and I wasn’t doing things that make me happy or the world a better place to live. So, it’s time to re-acknowledge these things.  I don’t want to set goals of numbers and figures, but ideas.

1. Focus on health.  Not in a way that’s boring or tedious, but in a way that reminds me of the good flavors of wholesome real food and the intrinsic energy I feel when I move more.  On this quiet, winter morning when all I could think of were pancakes, I shifted my thoughts to sweet, delicious fruit, which always gives me pep. I could always have the pancakes later if I still want them, but once I had the clementines, the pancakes became a distant thought.

2. Drink more water.  An item under the category of health really, but worth recognizing on its own.  When I drink more water, I eat better and feel better.  Lately I’ve been sliding back to more iced teas and hot cocoas and less water.  I want to remember that the sugary teas and cocoas are a treat, and not a daily one at that.

3. Appreciate myself for who I am.  Sometimes I beat myself up over little things, or replay events trying to fix them. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t help. I’m sure there are things I can do better in the future, so I’d rather focus on that than reliving what’s done.

4. Spend time doing good things.  Not everything has to be world-changing, but I do like having an impact.  If the things I spend my time doing are a vapid time suck, they’re pretty pointless.

and most importantly

5. Wake up each day grateful that I have the next 24 hours ahead of me to do things that are exciting and good. Be appreciative of this time and don’t let it go without gratitude.

I keep writing and rewriting what I want to say about this point, but I’m having trouble putting it down in words. Maybe I can come back to it, because I can’t seem to do it justice.

Here’s to you, readers and friends.  Here’s to a happy, healthy new year.

Clementines on a plate


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    1. I actually thought of the quotes painted on your walls after I wrote that. 😉 We should make the most of the limited time that we have. I hope to be more mindful of it this year.

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