Oct 072012

These not-so-ordinary pancakes come from the Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook – a gift I received from Mike two Christmases ago when I first moved to the city and lived on St. Marks Place. Since we started dating, we made a ritual of going to this tiny restaurant three times every February to experience the special flavors of “Pancake Month.” A simply ingenious invention by the owners to drum up business during their slowest time of year, Pancake Month now draws flocks of people for banana pancakes with bavarian cream and toasted coconut, or our favorite, a short stack studded with chocolate chunks and fresh raspberries topped with raspberry-caramel sauce.

This lazy Saturday’s homemade plate of pancakes were a celebratory stack, a labor of love. Typical pancakes are not very time intensive. Throw a couple ingredients in a bowl while the pan heats up, pour ’em on, and behold: pancakes. Clinton Street-style pancakes, however, with their eleven ingredients and folded whipped egg whites managed to make a sinkful of dishes… along with some of the lightest pancakes on the planet.

Why all the effort, you ask? It’s been an eventful summer. These pancakes mark the perfect end to a job well done. A reward after four solid months of wedding planning every single day. Our wedding, that is.

Mike asked me to marry him in May, and I said without a doubt, yes. We knew we didn’t want a long engagement and we jumped right in.

Everything was pushed to the wayside as we planned what he hoped to be a unique wedding that celebrated both of us a couple. After the day unfolded, we both felt we succeeded.


On our one week anniversary I asked my new husband what he wanted for breakfast, and he asked for pancakes. Special ones. And so, along with our new “Mr.” & “Mrs.” Mickey and Minnie Mouse mugs filled with frothy, steamed milk and coffee, we sat down to a piping hot Clinton-Street-style stack and a side of warmed maple butter. With a belly full of pancakes and a heart full of love, I’m looking forward to all of the “Mrs.” mornings to come.

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