Nov 062012

Reporting live from the Maldives: Our fruit basket contains unidentifiable fruit. Nestled among the kiwis, clementines, plums, and apples lie two mystery objects… seemingly an out of water sea anemone and a potato. But that can’t be right!

After interviewing a few friendly locals, we were shown how to tear them open using your hands to reveal the edible fruit inside…

Both are translucent globes once peeled. If the succulent fruits are punctured, juice trickles out. We tentatively gave them a bite, and were pleased to find they are both sweet, but the smaller one has a more pleasant and even sweeter flavor than the larger.

We were told they were related to lychee, but nobody knew the proper names. A some more research, we discovered we were eating rambutan and duku.

Breakfast also brought some Thai Apples (pictured in front of the teapot)…

Some passion fruit (purple, white, and yellow covered seeds on the right)…

And dragon fruit.  Tastes just like Vitamin Water!

A delicious, surprising start to each day!

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