May 242018

Making it through (another) winter

I’ve had the tenets from my previous post about healthy winter habits floating around my brain this past season, but haven’t been able to grasp on tight enough. I knew what worked for my body…Continue Reading

May 172013

Making it Through Winter

With late April days dipping down into the 30s, we wondered if spring would ever come. Well, it finally has. Windows are opened at night, puffy coats traded in for light jackets, and the earmuffs…Continue Reading

Feb 272012

The Princess Half Marathon

I can’t believe I actually did it. Considering everything that has happened since signing up for the race in October, I’m still slightly unsure that was me crossing the finish line. I’ve mentioned a few…Continue Reading

Nov 082011

A Run, a Smoothie, and a Bean Query

Well, it’s official. I’m in marathon-training mode. Coming from the girl who failed every presidential physical fitness test and mile run, this may sound like madness, but indeed it’s true. I’ve signed up for the…Continue Reading