Dec 112011

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

I’ve seen baked oatmeal – sometimes called “boatmeal” – mentioned on blogs for a while now. With half of a can of pumpkin left after making my scrumptious baked bean cornbread casserole, this┬ámorning seemed like…Continue Reading

Dec 102011

My Mango Has Moved!

Welcome to the new home of My Mango Has Roots,! Considering that I bought $50 of produce and used up an about-to-expire Living Social deal for Edible Arrangements, it turned out to be a…Continue Reading

Dec 072011

Comfort Food

Have you ever had a week when both wonderful and miserable life events were crammed into the same few days? I don’t mean anything Earth-shatteringly tragic, but enough to keep you up at night and…Continue Reading